GIE UP on




“Never Give Up on Love”

Song Cycle by Michael Chu

Music and Lyrics by Michael Chu ©2017



Hope and First Encounters

  1. Do I Know? (What I Want from Life) (soprano)
  1. I Believe (tenor)
  1. Are You the Right One? (soprano/tenor duet)
  1. I Want to be Certain (soprano)


Happiness and First Doubts 

  1. Searching for a Melody (tenor)
  1. How Could I Love Another? (soprano)
  1. In the Field (piano)
  1. Destiny (soprano)
  1. Lucky Streak (tenor)
  1. Where Do We Go from Here? (soprano)
  1. I Could Have Loved (soprano/tenor duet)


Disappointment– the Search Continues 

  1. Bjoern (soprano)
  1. Angelica (tenor)
  1. I Can’t Sleep (soprano)
  1. On the Prowl (piano)


True Love– Serious Heartbreak

  1. Three Words (What Did You Mean?) (soprano)
  1. Never Give Up on Love (soprano)
  1. Your Touch/Your Love (soprano/tenor duet)
  1. Fugitive Love (piano)
  1. Face the Truth (tenor)


More Hope– Insight and Recognitions

  1. I’ll Live to Love (soprano)
  1. Standing by the River (tenor)
  1. Endless Horizon (soprano)
  1. Jump into the Light (soprano/tenor duet)