I Believe

A crowded street, a hurried pace

Deadlines to meet, I see her face:

She’s the one!

Don’t pass me by, ‘cause,

Surely she’s the woman of my dreams!

I turn around and look at her

She turns around and looks at me

I believe in love at first sight

But does love at first sight, too, believe in me?


I believe in miracles that happen when you least expect them

I believe that dreams are only worthy with the hope that they’ll come true—

I’m dreaming of you!

I believe!


I got her number, wrote it down

We make a date to paint the town….


I believe in fairy tale adventures and in happy endings

I believe that fate is only willing when you dare to take a chance

“Shall we have this dance?”


I believe in love everlasting,

In peace and joy and harmony

In life just for the asking:

We’ll take it slow

Our love will grow—

I’ve waited here three hours and she didn’t show.



I BELIEVE in miracles that happen when you least expect them

I BELIEVE that love reveals its presence to a heart that knows no fear:

“Hey lover, I’m here!”



Now back at home, turn off the phone

I pop a beer and watch TV

Another day has said goodbye

Leaving me alone to dream

A pillow soft, a blanket warm

A dish of chocolate ice cream

I believe in love that could be

I believe in love that could be

Sleep and dream, sleep and dream

I believe….